Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm still time for knitting...

Due to unforeseen circumstances this month, I am very behind in my knitting and hope to start again this weekend.
I finished the 2nd pair of Lovers Mittens...only they are too small...child size maybe. Do I attempt them again?
I'm still working on my matching mitten for my bf's Lovers Mittens (which he loved but we haven't worn them yet).
I have not knit this mid-month Monthly KAL...I intend to.
I gave my roommate Alina my ponytail hat as it turns out the wool itches me (I had a rash ring on my forehead). I will knit this again in baby alpaca.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Ponytail Hat

So I finally finished my ponytail hat (although I think I will have to cut the buttons and sew them on again as they are crooked).  And of course it's too warm out tomorrow to wear my nice warm hat.  I started the crown decreases too early as I like hats to cover my earlobes and I didn't CO enough (I wanted to wrap it more around my head so the buttons wouldn't be hidden by long hair).  I found these buttons and don't the colors match perfectly?
I was working on the matching mittens for the Lovers Mittens, but I just had to finish this hat.  Then I also started another
 Lovers Mittens for this awesome woman to thank her (and her boyfriend)    for being such great hosts.  I hope to finish it this weekend.
I also finished my Feb Monthly KAL (I need to weave in the ends so I don't have a picture yet).  The design was ok, but once again I don't feel like it pops out.  I must be doing something wrong.  When I have some time, I'll ask someone.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Lovers Mittens :)

So I started these Lovers Mittens yesterday since I realized it's now February and it is supposed to be a Valentine's present for my boyfriend and I.  He won't hold my hands in the winter since it's too cold and he refuses to wear gloves normally.  But now, maybe he will :)  I'll take another photo with both our hands in it.

I also finished my Shamrock dishcloth.  I love how this one just pops out.
Going to start Monthly KAL's Feb dishcloth tonight.  Also have Lattice Hearts dishcloth in progress.