Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BU Stitch Markers

Look at what my friend Cathy Waldie sent to me! She makes these! And I love them! I'm sure she's giving me a big hint to start knitting a sweater so I can be a real knitter :)

My bf and friend thought these were earrings and wanted to know why they looked like candy canes...they are my school colors. Go terriers! Thanks so much Cathy!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Other random knitting

I finished my chocolate chip dishcloth also from my friend Cathy to match my Christmas lace sack sock. This is for my own personal kitchen so overall its taking forever (since everyone is having babies--need baby things now lol). I posted pics of my sock before.

Here's part of my mom's Christmas gift (yes, already, but I wanted to endeavor to make things other than hats). This is an oven mitt from knitpicks. I have to felt it still but I wanted to take a before picture. The close up is my first Kitchener stitch, which I'm quite happy with! I will make the pot holder, and perhaps another oven mitt for both hands (I bought enough of this yarn I think).

I'm now knitting a burp cloth in just a basic stockinette pattern with garter stitch border. I wanted it for gauging purposes to make something more fun, but we'll see!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Pouffy Baby Blanket

I finished my friend's baby blanket, my first one. Pattern comes from Cathy, per my usual choice for first time projects. Its her puffy basketweave baby blanket, but I call it pouffy since it just seems more appropriate to me. Its ~40" x 40" and I decided to use two yarns unlike Cathy's pattern. Basically I couldn't stand knitting something so large in one color. I wrapped a baby-sized stuffed animal with the blanket to give you some sort of scale. Aww. Now its time to knit more baby things. Why is everyone having babies right now?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Fuzzy Set!

Look at how perfectly it matches. I still have some yarn left...maybe I'll replace the belt with a knit one...

In other knitting news, I started a baby blanket, only I'm not happy with it so I should frog it, but I knit so much!

I also knit my friend a hat, only I think it's too small...Ugh.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

More knitting

I finally finished my fuzzy ear warmers to match my fuzzy keyhole scarf. I can't wait to wear the two with my blue coat!

And my Christmas Lace Sack Sock (part of my chocolate chip kitchen set). Working on other things.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Celtic Cable Fingerless Gloves

I found this wonderful Malabrigo Sock yarn in Velvet Grape and decided it was time to knit a winter set for me. But in my normal true fashion, it's a warmer set, meaning wrist warmers (really its fingerless gloves), ear warmers, neck warmer, and possibly leg warmers. This is the pattern for the gloves. I've only made one so I will test the pattern when I make the other and take photos while I make it (maybe someone will beat me to it?).

This is pattern modified from Celtic Cable Scarf. I didn't make it for its heritage, merely for the intricate cable pattern which is 24 stitches for the knot itself on the back of the hand. FYI if you want it to be a true Celtic knot, the C4B should be changed to a C4F in rows 6 and 14. There should be NO C4Bs in these rows.

I basically purled all the way around my hand and for the fingers so the sizing is easy to modify. I suggest doing a 2x2, 3x3, or 4x4 ribbing around the wrists first to prevent curling and give you some more stretch. Or do seed stitch for a decorative border.

Malabrigo Sock Yarn
Cable needle (CN)
Stitch holder (or scrap yarn)
Stitch markers

C4F (Cable 4 Front) = slip 2 sts onto CN and hold in front of WIP, K2 from DPN, K2 from CN
C4B (Cable 4 Back) = slip 2 sts onto CN and hold in back of WIP, K2 from DPN, K2 from CN
T3B (Twist 3 Back) = slip 1 st onto CN and hold in back of WIP, K2 from DPN, P1 from CN
T3F (Twist 3 Front) = slip 2 sts onto CN and hold in front of WIP, P1 from DPN, K2 from CN
T4B (Twist 4 Back) = slip 2 sts onto CN and hold in back of WIP, K2 from DPN, P2 from CN
T4F (Twist 4 Front) = slip 2 sts onto CN and hold in front of WIP, P2 from DPN, K2 from CN

CO 57 stitches (I wear small gloves, the length around my knuckles is 7.5")
Arrange the stitches on 3 DPNs as follows: 14 (palm near the thumb), 24 (back of the hand with cabling), 19 (palm near the pinky)

if you start the pattern immediately...
R1: P15, K5, (P4, K4) x2, K1, P20
R2: P15, K1, C4B, (P4, C4B) x2, K1, P20
R3: knit the knits, purl the purls, and all odd rows
R4: P15, T3B, (T4F, T4B) x2, T3F, P20
R6: P14, T3B, P3, C4F, P4, C4B, P3, T3F, P19
R8: P14, K2, P3, T3B, T4F, T4B, T3F, P3, K2, P19
R10: P14, (K2, P3) x2, C4B, (P3, K2) x2, P19
R12: P14, K2, P3, T3F, T4B, T4F, T3B, P3, K2, P19
R14: P14, T3F, P3, C4F, P4, C4B, P3, T3B, P19
R16: P15, T3F, (T4B, T4F) x2, T3B, P20

I'd try this on at this point...
Repeat rows 1-16 twice (or the desired length). Continue through the pattern until you start the thumb gusset. I did it in R6.

Thumb Gusst (for the left hand):
R6: P6, PM, M1, P1, M1, PM, P6-->then R6 Celtic pattern
Continue in pattern adding two stitches in between the markers for each row that you cable (meaning only on even rows) until there are 19 stitches between the markers. For the odd rows, just purl across the thumb. Place stitches on holder until the rest of the hand is complete.

When you're ready for the thumb, pick up 5 stitches from the hand so that you have 24, divide evenly among 3 DPNs and purl 6-12 rows (or desired length; I have a very skinny thumb so I P2, P2tog around before I finished). BO.

Continue in pattern (note there are now 56 stitches around the hand) for desired length (I actually completed the cabling 3 x for a total of 64 rows--I had to start the pinky since my pinky's base is much lower than my other fingers).

R64: follow pattern until last 21 stitches, slip 14 sts onto stitch holder (pinky), then purl the last 7.
Purl more rows until desired length (I did 5 more).

Index finger:
P14, CO3, join these 17 sts and purl 6-12 rows (or desired length). BO.

Middle finger:
pick up 3 sts from index finger, P7 sts from the back of the hand, P the last 7 from the palm, join these 17 sts and purl 6-12 rows (or desired length). BO.

Ring finger:
pick up 3 sts from middle finger, P the remaining sts and join these 17 sts and purl 6-12 rows (or desired length). BO.

Weave in all the ends.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Derek's Hat

Another hat completed for Christmas. I modified Cathy's beanies by knitting with two yarns in a 2x2 ribbing on US 10 1/2, then I switched to US 7 to knit with either color and just kept switching them off on my whim. I should've doubled the rows for the skinny solid blue stripes in the body to make them stand out more. They just look like the variegated. Happy New Year!