Friday, May 15, 2009

Other random knitting

I finished my chocolate chip dishcloth also from my friend Cathy to match my Christmas lace sack sock. This is for my own personal kitchen so overall its taking forever (since everyone is having babies--need baby things now lol). I posted pics of my sock before.

Here's part of my mom's Christmas gift (yes, already, but I wanted to endeavor to make things other than hats). This is an oven mitt from knitpicks. I have to felt it still but I wanted to take a before picture. The close up is my first Kitchener stitch, which I'm quite happy with! I will make the pot holder, and perhaps another oven mitt for both hands (I bought enough of this yarn I think).

I'm now knitting a burp cloth in just a basic stockinette pattern with garter stitch border. I wanted it for gauging purposes to make something more fun, but we'll see!

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