Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Knitting catchup

I finally finished the "other mitten" to go with my Lovers mittens. I had to frog these at least 3 times having to work the thumb. I'm sure its due to my own inexperience with making mittens (my first pair) and not the designer's instructions. Not to mention I had to use a different number of stitches to begin with, then adjust my gauge since it was off, etc...all because I wanted it to match perfectly with the Lovers mittens...who's going to notice? NO ONE! But I will :)

I also finally finished Jan 2008 KAL from Rachel's Knitting Room, which was Lattice Hearts. Now this is funny...I did this cloth using size 3 needles hoping I'd have enough (I wasn't sure what I knit with this yarn before so I wasn't sure how much was left, but it looked like enough to do a cloth and its pretty and appropriate for these hearts. This picture is where I ran out of yarn. As you can see, it almost made it. Rachel did say in the pattern using smaller needles helps make the design pop out--which has been a problem of mine--so since this worked out (look how lovely) I will use size 3 for my next cloth. But I had this I bind off an unfinished cloth? Or do I dare attempt to knit with 2 colors, my first time ever? And would this make my cloth look ugly? Maybe I should frog a few rows before adding color? What to do?? This is why this project sat unfinished for so long. In the end, I made the decision: learn 2 colors. And since Monthly KAL's March project called for white, I decided to use white. And look! It's a beautiful cloth design, but the white at the top really does bother me. I'll make this one again.
So my best friend from my childhood is getting married. I'm going to knit them a kitchen set (towel, dishcloth, and tribble) designed by my friend Cathy. She is one of those super-knitters. I would love to just sit and watch her knit. Maybe some day.
I've also made progress--no going to the yarn store to buy supplies...I have too many already. All these beautiful colors and material and specific patterns in mind and I just don't have the time. But I had to keep telling myself not to go to the yarn store, at least until I finish some of these current projects.
Also, as an aside, I have lost 23 pounds in 13 months :) In the last month, I've lost 5 of those pounds...check out this website run by some friends of mine. They recently became distributors of these products to help with weight loss, muscle gain, overall health and I got a free sample, then decided to try a starter pack and recently ordered another pack. I like a lot of the meal options and I have been getting results. Plus, she's been my coach/sponsor for when I get those chocolate ice cream cravings. Talk to Chris or her husband Jack about these wonderful products.

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