Friday, January 25, 2008

My Custom Case (and Love's Many Cloths)

I wanted to show off my beautiful custom case made by brileyknits. I took several photos so you could see all the intricate work he did, but left them posted on my flickr. I cannot express enough gratitude to Brian. This is perfect. He put up with all my insane, if disordered, ideas. If you're looking for a personalized case for yourself or anyone, contact him. I know my friends will be jealous! Thank you Brian!!!

I also finished Love's Many Cloths, but I think I did something wrong since the curve part on the hands doesn't pop outward, but inward...makes the pattern not stand out. And maybe I missed 2 rows on top since the heart isn't really heart-shaped...I didn't want to frog it though as I've frogged this yarn 3 times already (was trying it for something else that didn't work).

I started a poncho with the chenille...176 stitches in the will take me a long time as I have zero patience.

I also started a Shamrock Dishcloth from Monthly Dishcloth's KAL in March 2006. I printed out all these patterns I wanted to do and stocked up on cotton so just picked a random color (emerald green) and searched through the patterns for something that this would be good for and voila.

I have other things in my ravelry queue...waiting for my yarn to arrive and a quick trip to the store tomorrow...

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