Thursday, January 24, 2008

Wrist Warmers

I think I have a thing for "warmers", or partial winter wear...Maybe next time I'll make a neck warmer, leg warmers...
I finished these wrist warmers:

The pattern comes from Schrodiner Knits. I did these as a test for the Chenille. I want to knit a poncho with this fabric, but I heard that knitting with Chenille has issues so I wanted to experiment. Chenille seems like it'd rip easily, but I thankfully didn't have any problems. I'm not a tight knitter (I don't pull the stitches tight), but I do slide the stitches from the left needle almost all the way to the tip so I didn't end up with "holes" in the pattern. The other thing though is Chenille does not let you see a pattern of any kind. The cuffs and the brim are actually ribbed, but you wouldn't know it. I do enjoy the feel of this though and look forward to knitting the poncho in the teal and purple I have.

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